Market Summary

24-05-2018 (8:45am)

Index Level Current Chg.
KSE 100 42,536 -0.6%
KSE 30 20,843 -0.7%
KMI 30 72,303 -0.6%
Source: PSX

Activity Vol mn Current Chg.
KSE 100 69.0 -10.0%
KSE 30 26.8 -38.6%
KSE All 127.2 -3.2%
Source: PSX

Activity PKR bn Current Chg.
KSE 100 3.6 -18.4%
KSE 30 2.5 -26.8%
KSE All 4.7 -15.5%
Source: PSX

Participants Activity Net (PKR mn) CYTD Net (USD mn)
Foreign Inv: -921.7 -40.6
Local Inv: 921.7 40.8
Individuals 48.4 3.8
Companies 265.0 5.2
Banks/DFIs 150.2 -72.7
NBFC -8.2 -1.5
Mutual Funds 216.1 29.4
Others 63.6 32.9
Broker Proprietary -107.3 -11.3
Source: NCCPL

KSE - 100 Movers Close Index Pts. Most Traded Vol mn
PPL 215.5 12.9 FABL 11.9
NML 137.4 9.2 BOP 10.9
BAFL 50.1 8.2 UNITY 7.8
MCB 199.4 -25.9 PAEL 6.5
LUCK 546.8 -41.8 KEL 5.1
Source: PSX

Currency Rate FYTD Chg.
US Dollar 115.6 10.3%
Can. Dollar 90.0 11.4%
Euro 135.7 13.4%
British Pound 154.8 13.7%
Japanese Yen 1.1 12.9%
Chinese Yuan 18.1 17.2%
Indian Rupee 1.7 4.3%
Saudi Riyal 30.8 10.4%
UAE Dirham 31.5 10.4%
Source: SBP

Alfalah Securities Research

Our Economics and Securities Research team looks at economic, market, industry and company specific data to enhance the performance of our clients' portfolios. We help our clients clearly identify appropriate investment opportunities through in-depth and timely research. Alfalah Securities Research employs unparalleled resources in order to not only develop extensive coverage but also to ensure timely distribution of information.

We have the following products and services in order to meet our clients' research requirement.

Morning Note

A note tailored to provide our brief analysis on key daily news along with market specific data. The focus is to provide the client key triggers of the market early in the morning to assist the clients in formulation of their daily trading strategy.

Flash Note

This product is focused on time specific value proposition or on our opinions on sudden change in underlying fundamentals of the investment.

In-depth Reports

A comprehensive document discussing at length the various fundamental dynamics of the investment idea presented including investment theme, industry analysis, financial analysis and security valuation.

Economic Digest

A yearly document covering our outlook on the Pakistan's economy for the next fiscal year. It covers our annual economic forecast, views on the budget and market strategy for the coming year.

Investment Strategy

Alfalah Investment Strategy enables our investors' to build and maintain a full breadth of passive and active portfolio strategies. We provide a broader theme by not only assessing the asset class performance outlook but also identification of individual securities which allows the investors' to implement the proposed allocation strategy.

Pakistan Weekly Review

Consists of various features shedding light on the issues that impact the KSE; The ‘Market Focus’ consists of some such story impacting particular stocks or industries, The ‘Model Portfolio’ gauges possible gains and losses from having invested in particular stocks, while ‘Result Reviews’ review company results and discuss as to whether they met expectations, giving reasons and investment advice.

Our Research Products

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